Replacing railroad ties machine

Replacing Railroad Ties Machine, which is specially designed for railway track maintenance project, we have successfully provided our machines to Chinese railway government projects, and Thailand railway government projects, and some other countries. Replacing Railroad Ties Machine, which is special desiged for railway track mentainance project, we have successfully provided our machines to Chinese railway govement projects, and Thailand railway govement projects, and some other countires. 

1.Clean up the ballast under the sleepers so as to stack the ballast that has been pulled out. 
2.Adjust the boom and arm, and place the ballast pull out device horizontally on the side of the sleeper. 
3.Ensure that the upper end of the chain is lower than the bottom of the sleeper 
4.Start the ballast removal motor (select high or low speed according to ballast slagging degree) 
5.Press the rotary cylinder button to rotate the ballast removal mechanism towards the inside of the sleeper. Pay attention to the speed of rotation. 
If it is stuck, the slewing mechanism can be rotated in the reverse direction, and then continue to rotate in the forward direction 
6.When there are too many ballast on the reverse side, the rotating ballast removal mechanism can be turned outward, and the ballast can be discharged to the outside of the sleeper. 
7.When the skimming mechanism swings to the level of the sleeper, stops rotating. At this time, Operate the machine to move backwards. 
8.After 5-10 meters on one side, put the ballast bag under the suspended sleepers and return to the starting point to start the other side working 
9.When the ballast removing mechanism changes direction, raise the boom and the arm, and press the reverse button when the slag removing mechanism is turned to the apex to complete the direction conversion.

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