New Design Magnetic-iron Grabber

Lifting Magnet for Excavator is designed to lift and move cast ingots, steel ball, sheets, bars and scrap of ferromagnetic materials. The magnets are to be attached to cranes, excavator, and other hoisting machines at metallurgical plants, scrap yards and ship-building plants.

Magnet Plate For Excavator Main Features:
— Adopt totally sealing structure with good property of moisture-proofing

— Majorized design by computer with reasonable structure, light dead-weight, strong attraction force and low energy consumption

— The energizing coils are processed by special technology to improve the electrical property and mechanical property. Heat-resistant grade of insulating material reaches grade C with long service life

— Rated power-on sustaining rate of normal type electromagnet is increased from 50% to 60%, which improves the efficiency of the electromagnet

— High temperature type electromagnet adopts unique method of heat protection, the temperature of the attached materials is increased from 600 ° C to 700 ° C, which expands application range of the electromagnet

— Simple and convenient installation, operation and maintenance

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