Crawler Type Whole Stalk Combined Sugarcane Harvester

Crawler type Whole Stalk Combined Sugarcane harvester

Intelligent whole pole type sugarcane harvester JG 4GL-1 is specifically designed for high yield and narrow row space sugarcane farm, with simple structure design, lightweight, operation easy, it can work in high efficient on 0.9m-1.3m row spacing sugarcane farm without rolling nearby sugar cane root, which decreases the loss excellently and thoroughly, and also improve the perennial root germination percentage. JG sugarcane harvester could work on a small plot and also drive on a narrow road, its design productivity could be 10-15Ton per hour.

JG 4GL-1 sugarcane harvester is designed as rubber track and could work in intelligent and automatic with the superpower, the maximum travel speed is 5km/h and the engine power is 129hp (95.6KW) four-cylinder turbocharger and the rear cooler. It equips with 190L oil tank and could ensure 8h work continuously, which increase the work efficiency largely. All transmission and harvester operation system is controlled by intelligent hydraulic piloting, which makes our machine work in stable and reliable. The harvester itself weight is less than 6T, it would not cause the serious destroy on land rolling even for the medial humidity field, which decrease the soil compression largely.

Our sugarcane harvester super function as below:

  1. Uprear and smoothen the laid sugar cane;
  2. Clean the sugar cane leaves thoroughly;
  3. Fully hydraulic automatic compensation control system;
  4. Channel smart load dump protection;
  5. Super flaying brush improves the anti-friction function

Main technical specification:

Engine Power: 95.6KW/2200r

Chassis: Intelligent rubber crawler

Operation: GPS hydraulic piloting control

Dimension for transport: 6000*1900*2800mm

Weight: 5600KG

Tread: 1150mm

Track width: 1600mm

Productivity: 2.9kg/s

Total loss ratio: less than 5%

Total damage rate: less than 10%

Impurities rate: less than 2-3%

Fuel consumption: 23L/h

Grade ability: less than 18°

Harvester row spacing: at least 900mm

Maximum travel speed: 5km/h

Oil tank: 190L

Whole Stalk Sugarcane Harvester

Outstanding Properties

1. This machine achieves quick and fast cutting of sugarcanes.

2. The sugarcane harvester collects the cut sugarcanes in an orderly manner.

3. Leaves on the sugarcanes will be cleaned.

4. An automatic hydraulic control system provides stable working performance.

5. The intelligent security system effectively avoids damages and accidents resulted from overload.

6. High efficiency and excellent durability have been gained by the leaf peeling brush.

sugarcane harvester
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Whole Stalk Sugarcane Harvester

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