Sugarcane Grab Loader

Sugarcane grab loader

We are a leading and top professional manufacturer of sugarcane loader in China since 1996 year. Our excavator with grapple wins lots of trust of our customers in China and overseas such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Egypt, etc.

The grab has a 360° rotation angle, which realizes to save time and cost of loading woods, sugar canes or other similar materials. Thus it brings abundant social and economic benefits to clients.

Key Specification

  • Loading capacity about 100 ton per day
  • Daily fuel consumption around 20 liters
  • 360-degree loading & tremendous stability
  • Powerful 50KW Engine on 6.5T wheeled excavator
  • Super-comfortable cab and easy access for maintenance
  • Professional local training and life cycle after services available
  • Equipped with a standard bucket or other options for construction usage off harvesting season

Please see the advantages of JG excavator
1. Use specified high-quality cylinder
2. New Integrated console makes it comfortable when operating
3. Development Patent: Grapple rotates flexibly to improve work efficiency
4. Luxury cab with air conditioner & multi-functional charging interface & comfortable seat with shock resistance, Lift cab, bright and spacious, wide vision, low noise, reduce driver’s fatigue and improve work efficiency
5. Full hydraulic pilot operation, advanced and perfect operation system, light and flexible
6. The whole machine use high-quality steel, which is strong, reliable and more durable
7. Strong drive system, high carrying capacity, great tractive force to resist impact
8. Equipped with multi-way valve, hydraulic system, walking motor from South Korea, advanced and reliable
9. New condition engine with turbocharged, adopt domestic famous engine brand, which ensures low fuel consumption, strong power, and high reliability
10. Inlet and outlet oil tubes are all used steel braided tubes, oil resistant and high-pressure tubes, safe and reliable
11. Use engineering cross-country tires, strong anti-friction