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JingGong is a China-based professional manufacturer for 0.8-15Ton excavator and other special machinery. They are widely used in engineering construction, farming harvesting, railroad engineering, gardening, landscaping, agriculture, water conservation and etc. Our high quality and diverse excavators have gained high praise and recognition from kinds of clients all over the world.

Wheel Excavator

Currently, we are able to provide five types of wheel excavators. Each of them has outstanding properties and is designed to meet different requirements of various construction projects. In comparison to crawler excavator, wheel excavator is featured by easy to move. Unlike crawler excavator, wheel excavator doesn’t require a trailer for loading and unloading.

Crawler Excavator

As for crawler excavators, we are able to provide you with 6 different kinds of crawler excavator excavators. Compared to wheel excavator, tracked excavator possesses better adaptability to terrible working environments, obstacles and more. It also shows flexible operation, good turning ability and great grade ability of 70%/35°.

Excavator Loader

JG Excavator has totally designed kinds of wheel excavators with grapple for different regions of market demands. The grabber has a rotary angle of 360 degrees, contribution to easy loading and high working efficiency. Wheel excavator with grappler has been widely applied for the loading and unloading of woods, timbers, bamboos, sugarcane, cotton, stones, iron, rocks, concrete, sand and etc.

Special Machinery

JG sugarcane harvester is featured by compact design, small size, and easy operation. The sugarcane harvester cuts and collects sugarcane in a highly efficient fashion. What’s more, it achieves perfect cutting and does no harm to the sugarcanes of the neighboring row, ensuring little crop loss and a high germination rate of next year. Generally, it works on sugar fields with a spacing of 0.9-1.3m and the expected collecting speed is 10-15 tons.

Our crawler carriers are mainly designed to be used in loading and transfer logs on the mountain roads, also on the marshland. It is a crawler type making it flexible, steady and safe when working on the forest filed on rainy days. Also, the container could be lifted which improves efficiency.

Besides, we also could design and develop other special machinery based on the market requirement, Railroad engineering machineries such as ties changer, ballast undercutter, and ballast tamping, scrap metal magnet and orange grab loading,  

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