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Welcome to JG Excavator

Founded in 1996, Yearly sold 3000 units excavators 

JG Excavator is a Chinese leading professional manufacturer of construction and farm machinery such as 0.8-15Ton wheel excavator and crawler excavator, railroad engineering such as ties changer, ballast under-cutter, and ballast tamping, scrap metal magnet holding and orange grab loader, sugar cane grab loader and whole stalk combined sugar cane harvester, timber grab loader and crawler carriers, excavator grab loader for coal, cotton, sand, stone, brick and other custom make excavator attachment such as hammer, earth auger, digger, forklift. JG also could fulfill other custom make orders like wheel-crawler excavator, bull float scraper and rock drilling and etc. (More->)

Compact Excavator

Wheel excavator
Crawler excavator
Wheel crawler excavator

Sugar cane harvester

Sugarcane grab loader
Sugarcane harvester wheel
Sugarcane harvester crawler

Railroad engineering

Railroad ties replacing
Ballast undercutter
Ballast Tamping

Scrap metal handling

Scrap Magnet holding
Scrap metal orange grab
Log grab loader

Custom make Machine

Bull float scraper
Rock Drilling
Crawler carriers

Excavator Grab loader

Cotton clamp grab loader
Cotton grab loader
Excavator brick grabber
Brick grabber
Excavator Stone grabber
Stone grabber

Engineering Application

Excavator Breaker
Excavator Breaker
Excavator Earth Auger
Excavator Earth Auger
Excavator with forklift
Excavator with forklift
Excavator digger bucket
Excavator digger
Sand shell grabber
Sand shell grabber
Excavator Coal bucket
Coal bucket

Why Choose Us

  • Over 20 years production experience brings you mature machine quality

  • Multifunctional devices work in different fields under one excavator

  • Professional sales team and dealers service you in time globally

  • Life cycle after service makes your excavator works longterm steadily

  • Mass production yearly 3000 units excavator cost down your order  

  • Super practical friendly grabber save your labor cost largely

How Find Us

JG Excavator

Heshi Town, Luojiang Dist, Quanzhou city, Fujian Province, China

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