JG100SL Wheeled-Crawler Excavators


  1.The invention discloses an excavator chassis capable of switching two walking modes of a wheel track. 

  2.The chassis includes a frame and two track devices arranged parallel to each other on both sides of the frame.

  3.The device includes Drive wheels, tension wheels, multiple load wheels, multiple carrier chain wheels, multiple lifting devices, and crawlers. 

  4.The excavator chassis has a reasonable structure, which can switch the walking mode in real time according to work needs and road conditions, making the excavator adapt to drive on both dirt roads and highways. 

  5.The excavator can complete the transition itself without the need for other mechanical transportation. It has strong maneuverability, wide working range, and easy and fast wheel and track switching.


Main Parameters



Rated Power62.5KW

Machine weight


Options Attachments

Excavators Optional Attachments

We provide more optional parts to complete more kinds of work. We provide a variety of work tools such as grabs, forks, pulverizers, etc. to meet your various application needs. In addition, a variety of fixtures are provided to optimize the performance of the machine. The auxiliary hydraulic lines are arranged on the base of the boom, making the auxiliary hydraulic circuit easier to install, thereby reducing the time, parts and costs required for installing work tools. 

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We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of wheel excavators, crawler excavators, sugarcane harvesters, sugarcane grab loaders, multi-function excavators. We have nearly 20 years of professional experience, and our products have been exported to many countries.

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Our company abides by the business philosophy of “quality first, customer first” to ensure product quality. We have rigorous production procedures, and each production process is carried out under strict quality inspection.Only after passing the inspection can they move on to the next procedure. At the same time, we insist on creating a neat, clean and safe working environment.


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